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DANIEL SMITH Watercolor 238 Dot Color Chart


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DANIEL SMITH Watercolor 238 Dot Color Chart
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This dot color chart is a fun way to test 238 Daniel Smith watercolor paints. Not only can you use it as a reference to find the perfect tube of watercolor paint but you can use the extra paint on the sheets in paintings.

Warning: You will be tempted to purchase many new tubes of watercolor paint.

  • Includes many colors from our vast and innovative line
  • Colors include: 32 dots of primateks, 5 Mayan, 12 quinacridone, all 6 Cadmium hues, 48 luminescent, 20 iridescent, 7 interference, 19 duochrome, Pearlescent shimmer, Pearlescent White, and 135 of our extra Fine watercolors
  • Provided on Watercolor Paper, our 238 Watercolor dot chart includes the painting properties of every color as a testable, paintable dot
  • Designed to help you create your own easy-to-use personal reference guide of your watercolors
  • Made in the USA

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